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Love Letter

February 14, 2016


Dear My Love,

I wish I could write a book full of pages with all the emotions I have felt while being in love with you. But even then there wouldn’t be enough ink to last a lifetime. Our love is eternal. Every time our souls intertwine my insecurities fade away, I melt like honey in your arms and all my worries fade out of existence. Uplifting my spirit you adjust my crown when my head is low & remind me to keep my head held high because I am a QUEEN. & when I’m too blind and too fearful to face my hideous scars, you remind me that It’s alright to uncover my eyes and reveal skin because you too are human and you too have scars. No one is perfect but you are perfect for me. Lying against your chest at night I listen to your heart thump against your bare-skin it soothes me. I place your heart against mines and listen carefully as our hearts beat at the same pace. I close my eyes and exhale together we are ONE.

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