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Dear Quarantine,

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I'm losing track of the days, track of the time, hell even track of life! Staying up until 5am, waking up at 2pm. What has life come too? I never felt so lazy in life. During this time it feels so surreal like its not even happening, but it is... For me this is like a vacation away from work, but I'm still confined to working remotely. Staring at the same four walls endlessly, I feel like I'm going insane. I haven't left my house in about three days only leaving for essential needs (i.e grocery shopping) which seems to be a need every single day now. I know during this time we should be working on ways to build financial stability with out a 9-5 but lately I've been feeling like so uninterested. It's like I've fallen into to a depression avoiding all the dreams I've ever wanted. Who know that experiencing outdoors was so essential? Damn I feel like I took outdoors that for granted. You know as a Pisces we are often more grounded when outdoors and being indoors makes me feel super out of wack. All in all I know I have to be grateful because there are a lot of people in need during this time that are struggling and I am praying for all of you. During this time of need I pray that God and the Universe works in your favor providing all things needed during this time. I'm praying for our planet and that we all get through this. Remember as we go though this time that you we should all pray and mediate. Let's look at this as a strict enforcement to focus on our mental health. I am not perfect but I'm working on seeing the brighter days in the catastrophe. So should you...

Sincerely from one human to another!

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