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Manifestion by Visitation

Inserts *cheering background noise* thank you to the beautiful Philly Native Jazzmen Black! If it wasn't for her and JB Navy I probably wouldn’t even be motivated to keep pushing and manifesting right now. But watching as she builds her brand, running a Youtube Channel, raising a child, and finding time to meditate and manifest her dreams just gives me so much motivation to follow my own dreams. WOW, It’s crazy how YouTuber's can be super impactful in someone’s life.

Today we are giving great gratitude to Jazzmen Black because of the recent inspiration I received from her latest post "Manifestation Visitation Vlog" (which I'll link below so you guys and tune in). In the video, Ms. JB visits many places/things she wants her life using the "Law of Attraction"

Those who aren't familiar I'll spill a little bit of tea, on what it is to help you get your life on track. The law of attraction is simply between you and the universe. Those frequencies you put out into the world comes back to you. And if you believe it sees it and envisions it, it will come true.

Now many people will think it's crazy. But the law of attraction does work you just have to feel and believe deep in your soul that it will. Anyway I’m on this journey to visit 5 things I want in my life whether it’s a new car, new home, new career I will be putting my self I certain places and dressing certain part to attract exactly what I desire and it will happen. If it’s one thing I learned you have to be positive about what you want & believe it’s already there. Act the part and it’s yours. Start practicing the law of attraction you will get exactly want you desire universe given. Check out her video below for more insight on how you can start making a change in your life today .

Sincerely Daneisha <3

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