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Christmas Galore: The Momment We've Been Waiting For Model Lira Galore Reveals Pregnancy!

Speculation has been stirring after a video released a few months back of Lira Galore receiving an ultrasound. For many of us, this was more than enough confirmation that Lira Galore was expecting; but Lira Galore continued to keep it under wraps denying all allegations. Today Lira decided to unwrap her gifted bundle of joy a little early, presenting it to us all as as Christmas to the fans. Climbig a grand staircase in a sparkling pink gown accompanied by a beautiful baby bump Lira Galore looks absolutely stunning. Is the bedazzled pink gown hinting the baby girl? Guess we will have to wait and find out. Congrats Lira Galore and welcome to motherhood! Check out the video below.

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