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Day Two: My 5-Day Aloe Vera Journey to Clear Bright and Super Soft Skin


Hello my lovely readers! Welcome back to my 5-day journey of self-care with my friend the Aloe Vera plant. First and foremost, I want to start by thanking everyone who has joined me on this journey as we explore self-care and self-love together.

We’ve now reached day two of the journey to healthier, clearer, and brighter skin and I’m so happy with the results I’m seeing thus far. It's day two and I have already begun to see some improvement so I'm super excited for day 5. Now I’m going, to be very honest with you all. I often struggle with keeping up with the regimes. Somehow I always lose focus and get caught up in something else. But because we are in this together, I’m determined to make it all the way through so here we are tackling this self-care journey together.

Today, I did the routine a little bit differently. I started off with my favorite Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Fash Wash. Then I went on to apply the fresh Aloe Vera to my towel dried skin. Instead of applying the plant directly from the leaf stem to my face, I cut out the Aloe gel and placed it in a bowl with warm water for a bit with hopes it would ease the itching.

I let it sit for about 15 minutes and after rinsing it off I notice it did relieve the itching. The consistency of the gel changed a bit when applying it to my face as well. The gel was a lot looser, not as thick and gooey as before. All in all, it still gave off cooling feeling followed by the nasty smell and it was much easier to rinse away.

Results of Day Two

-Skin felt and appeared much smoother

-Softer-Much more moisturized

-Dry patches are starting to fade

-Dark marks starting to fade

Face Photos

It's a wrap! Another successful day of the Aloe Vera journey and I'm super excited for what's to come! Check back tomorrow for Day Three and if you're enduring this journey with me comment below and let me know the journey is going for you.

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