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Day One: My 5-Day Aloe Vera Journey to Clear Bright and Super Soft Skin


Happy August 1st everyone! Although summer is coming to a close a new month is starting to begin and you know what that means. New month, new beginnings, new goals, and new results. This month one of my many goals will be to focus on my skin, underneath all that make-up stuff. Good skin care is good self-care especially if you're really into beauty cosmetics. Now I won't say my skin is completely horrible, but everyone has a few things they're insecure about and my dark spots, blemishes, and dry patches are a few of them. I am starting this journey to improve my skin and take on the next step-to self love. To do so, I have decided to document a 5-Day journey with the Aloe Vera plant.

After careful research, I found that the Aloe Vera plant has many benefits for the skin such as curing acne, sunburn, fight aging, and to moisturize skin for a glowing healthier appearance.

I purchased the plant and prepped it by cutting the thick end of the plant off, then by cutting a piece big enough to apply to my entire face. I sliced the sharp ends of the plant off and sliced it down the center to reveal to leafy sides with gel in the center.

When applying the gel to my face the first thing I noticed was the smell. I could smell a very strong chemical-like smell. The smell was strong it was almost unbearable so I tried hard to keep it from touching my lips, but of course, that was a FAIL.

The consistency of the plant was very gooey and stretchy similar to that Gooey Gak stuff the kids love to play with these days. After I rubbed it all over my face my face avoiding my eyes and mouth I let it sit for about 10-15minutes leaving it dry.

Once my skin gave off that sort of a tight mask finish I proceeded to rinse it off which wasn't easy because once the water hits the plant, it transforms back into the gooey consistency making it a lot harder to just rinse it way. Fun Tip: You make be have to rinse it away a few times before its completely off your skin.

Following the rinse, I towel dried my face and proceed to the mirror to see any changes.

Results of DAY ONE:

- Skin felt more moisturized but dry patches were still visible

- Skin felt softer to touch

-Dark marks still there

-Skin appeared brighter

Face Photos

So it's only DAY ONE so I understand we have to wait a few more days until we start glistening and glowing all fall/winter '18 but Im super excited to see my skins improvement. Be sure to check back tomorrow for DAY TWO of my Aloe Vera journey to healthier skin.

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