• Daneisha Williams

Poetry: Drowning In A Glass

You turn me insane then wonder how I got to that point

I was fragile when you met me but I'll be broken when you leave

Best believe you'll leave because in your mind I have become a monster

A monster you can't see that YOU have created

With every mold from the tight grip of your fingers, I became a distorted figure

A wrecking ball of destruction

Demolishing everything I touch all because of YOU

It's your hands that held my heart and with those same hands you crumbled it into a million pieces

How can I survive the pain of loving YOU

It's your words I hung onto until the last breath

Although the vision appeared crystal clear

It still wasn't clear enough to see through the deception

The greatest fear was how far you'd go

But now I know.. For YOU, there were no limits

So I drown my sorrows in this cup

Praying that by day the pain will ease

Because right now it all seems forgotten and forgiveness appears possible

But only for the moment

Morning rises and the sunbeams on my skin

And here we are again I'm drowning yet again in this glass

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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