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Reading Between The Wines with Zymirra Herrin

"I feel like RBTW is just different, a different outlet, having something different to do. I don't know anyone who is part of a book club, I don't know anyone who has started a book club, the only person I know is Oprah. To me its just having a different outlet and knowing that people are doing stuff differently that's inspiration". -Zymirra Herrin

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of Reading Between The Wines, Zymirra Herrin. RBTW is a ladies-only BYOB traveling book club where like-minded women get together, discuss their monthly reads, and wine down with a glass of Sweet Red and fresh hors d'oeuvres.

The Ladies meet once a month sharing favorite chapters from previous reads and book suggestions for the following month. The have read books like Chloe's Hidden Diary, The Hate You Give, and Milk & Honey. Zymirra is only twenty-three and she's just touching the surface! Zymirra discusses building her brand, the inspiration behind RBTW, and future plans that are in the makes! To find out more about Reading Between The Wines and how you can become a member of the club check out the interview below.

Reading Between The Wines with Zymirra Herrin

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