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Natural Girl Inspiration #BLCKGRLMGIC

The Summer weather is heating things up for many of us already so what use is it add more heat in your life by straightening your hair? Sistas, Let your coils flow! This year's BET Awards was definitely an inspiration for all of the naturalists out there! Natural hair has always been a hot trend amongst naturalistas one trend is now slaying it way down the red carpet. Check out a few of your favorite stars rocking their favorite protective styles. Maybe it will inspire you to release your inner roots and let your hair be in its natural state as well. There are so many benefits to having natural hair and it promotes substantial hair growth! Don't be afraid of your natural texture or what "others" may think or say. Many people often fear becoming natural due to what's considered to be the social norm. Do what you feel and rock out! I am encouraging all women to join the natural hair journey and watch your hair flourish.

Image Details Left to Right

Top Row: Logan Browing, Skai Jackson, & Yara Shahidi

Bottom Row: Chloe & Halle, Issa Rae, Eva Marcille

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